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Reclaimed leather Air Filter tote bag

Reclaimed leather Air Filter tote bag

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A gloriously soft leather bag. The Filter tote is 100% sustainable luxury.

Crafted entirely from reclaimed leather jackets, and cotton softened with age, it features original details and stitched seams. 

Expertly printed in my clifftop studio, the lined interior showcases a bold circular pattern. Made using a car filter found washed up on a Devon beach, each print features its own distinctive details.

Every bag is slowly made, and built to last. Reworked leather is carefully refreshed with new stitching and conditioning balsam. 

Perfect for everyday use, this eco conscious take on the classic tote, will comfortably accommodate all your daily essentials. And with dual leather straps, you can either wear it on your shoulder or carry it in your hand. 


The leather and cotton in this bag are 100% reclaimed. All inks are vegetable oil based and are non-toxic.


The leather in this bag has softened with age and will benefit from a good moisturising treatment; now and again, to retain its softness.  Everyday wear is inevitable and may mean that your bag gathers minor scratches and scuffs. Apply a leather cream with conditioning balsam, to keep it looking refreshed.   Dirt marks can be wiped clean away with a damp cloth.


Approximately 40cm x42cm

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"Designer quality with sustainable materials, even down to the eco-friendly inks." 

Nikki, Manchester