The interior of a sustainable print studio. On the ways hang various circular items found on the beach. A hand built shelf is in the back ground, with vivid pink brackets.. Jars of blanking plugs sit on the shelf.


Nestled on the clifftops of Beer in East Devon, sits a small wooden studio. 

Painted black like an old Fisherman's shed, it is crammed with bits of driftwood and found objects. 

Drawers are filled with hundreds of pieces of plastic, all sorted into type and size, that have been collected from local beaches. 

Jars sit on shelves, brimming with small black rubber circles, whilst the walls are adorned with special “finds”.

This is the home of Tideline Prints. And where artist and Printmaker Karen Bowskill works.

Karen takes waste found washed up on the beach and transforms it into beautiful, everyday home accessories and sustainable bags. 

Watch me print
Looking through windows of a black painted, wooden studio. Hand printed white cotton, fabrics hang, with black printed circles on them.

Painted black like an old Fisherman's shed, it is crammed with bits of driftwood and found objects.